Balancing Local Needs With Building Aspirations

The very noticeable thing about towns today is how much and how quickly they are expanding.  The odd little bypass ribbon development that springs up, first the company log boards and signs of activity in the sales of land.  Before long there are tipper and dumper trucks trundling around with that all too familiar sound and hooters going off.  The houses themseles are now having to be squashed in to much smaller square metre spaces.  Where at one time there would be a wide house, with additional garaging, just two storeys, the need to conserve land but still provide adequate housing has meant a shift to 3 storey houses, narrower and with the garage sometimes integral or in a block, if there is one at all.

To ensure we get the very best from our new houses, it is critical that the developers are in tune with all the local needs and planning matters weigh heavily in all aspects of the plans.