Conveyancing Checks Needed To Eliminate Rare Claims

There is a most definite swing towards buying homes again now.  For a couple of years it seemed that young folk only wanted to rent.  That buying comittment seemed just that little bit too far and of course, at the beginning, there are a lot of set up costs.  When you buy, there are solicitors fees – not only for the conveyancing action but all the searches, indemnities etc.  It’s definitly worth taking out some of the rare ones just in case you get stung later.  I’m thinking here of chancel repair indemnity.  If you’re buying a property/land that was once owned by the local church, they can sometimes claim chancel repair costs from you.  Worth your conveyancer checking that one out up front.  Otherwise buying property in the long run is always better than renting from a financial point of view.  Newer developments offer very good deals too.  You pays your money and you takes your choice, as they say.