Extending That Pokey Kitchen To Bring Space & Light

Many families now find they need much more space than they used to.   In Victorian times families often had eight or more children and they would have to be accommodated in whatever the family had, no chance to expand or build on.  We are so much luckier now of course.  More families than ever are choosing to buy their homes rather than rent.  This does give certain securities and a sense of stability.  It’s true to say that the more space you have, the more you fill it with junk and unecessary clobber!   Adding on to the side of an existing house can make a huge difference – usually a small pokey kitchen will be made into a huge airy and ergonomically sound space for the whole family, and visitors to mingle and chat whilst the food is being prepared.  With cabinets and storage fit for purpose, it makes catering for small and large numbers an absolute breeze.