Fence Collapse Called For Quick Fix

There can be few things more annoying on a cold and wet Sunday morning than coming downstairs to find the whole of your back fence has collapsed all over the shrubbery.  This nightmare occured here and the fence panels were still attached to each other, and one end was still hanging off the post with jagged edges of panel dangling dangerously to catch on the nearest child or pet.  Eventually a neighbour came round with a small jemmy and helped by undoing all the panels so we could stand them up against a firm wall.  I was able to browse and find a couple of maintenance and fence repair companies.  However, being Sunday, not so many wanted to answer. I was eventually put in touch with a really super chap who came out when he said he would and everything is fine and dandy now.  It is worrying though when something happens that we can’t instantly deal with.