First Home Horror Story With No Heating

The very first house I was able to buy into will be 130 years old this year – it is wonderful to think that for just a couple of years I formed part of the rich history of one little property in the county town.  It was nothing too grand at the time though – a mid terrace of three.  Warmer than either ended one of course, but it still had only a couple of working gas fires and absolutely NO central heating.  Oh my goodness me it was freezing cold when we had the snows and ice that winter.   But we got through the difficult times and laught about it all now.  At the time it was a frightening nightmare really – not knowing whether the over-sink water heater was going to pop wildly when the pilot needed relighting.  Would we have enough water to heat a foot bath . . . .  Could we make do with hot water bottles instead of electric blankets.