From A Dead Pile Of Bricks To Glittering Homestead

In most cases the maintenance of a family property is nothing more than keeping an eye on the guttering, windows and doors and generally making sure nothing gets too worn out to repair.  If the brickwork on an older terrace starte to show damp patches, it may well be a problem around the pointing and mortar – perhaps it’s dried out and started falling out of the crevices – maybe there’s a leaking gutter right up the top or the chimney stack needs attention.   Unless you have owned an older place, it’s not something you tend to look into too often – unless it runs in the family.  Programmes that feature rough old houses bought at auction that are made into gorgeous living spaces for rent or purchase are unbelievably inspiring.  The host shows us the property before the auction so we know the awful state of it.  Then we see the buyer who outlines why they bought it and what their plans are.  Some of the finished results are a tremendous boost to the refurb and redecorating world!