Frustrations When Moving Up The Property Ladder

I have young relatives who are trying to change up in property – they sold their very smart starter home within 2 hours of the agent ‘opening’ the sales desk, and were delighted that three couples wanted to view immediately.  They already had their eye on ‘the one’ and were very keen to secure it.  After a couple of false starts, one chap offered the asking price if they’d take if off the market, didn’t actually do the deed but didn’t tell the agent.  Then another couple were so keen the lass was hyperventilating with joy, pulled out two weeks later because they couldn’t afford the legal fees.  The latest buyer, non English, very keen & only needing a tiny mortgage, but some weeks down the line, although still in the frame, had to change legal team to one that could cope with her first language.  All the searches on their purchase have been extensive too.  What a performance!