Gallic Conveyancing Seems To Be Much Simpler

It’s a most interesting thing to listen to how various people have bought and sold properties over the years.  Last week I was out to dinner with some chums who have bought and sold houses in France – they’re always full of how much simpler the process is over there.  To give an example, they decided their 6 bedroomed village house was rather too big these days.  So they enquired with a local agent as to how to market the place and what sort of value.  Over there  you simply tell the agent or buyer what you want for the  house.   No negotiations seem to come in to it.  They had a buyer within 5 minutes of the agent arriving and  although there’s a cooling off period, no one seems to take it up.  The deposit is paid during this initial period and then the parties are told when the exchange of contacts will be and following that the removal date.