Getting Their Own Front Door Key Is Challenging

One of the major things about reaching to ‘the age of majority’ was being given the key of the door – usually shown as a yale style, although most young adults would have happily grabbed the back door key also.  There is no such excitement about reaching this very important stage in life now – even the somewhat overwhelming privilege of being able to vote has paled into insignificance in recent years – apathy with all things old and political seems to dull the senses.  However, if the astute young person notices anything around them, it’s probably how difficult it is for them to buy a property of their own.  The need to maintain a steady stream of housing stock for newbies and downsizers to move in to is critical if we’re not to have a massive log-jam in future years.   Not everyone wishes to rent for the entire life so changes in the house purchase system needs an overhaul.