House Footprints Are Definitely Shrinking

Construction in this part of the country is going full pelt.  There are housing developments springing up all over the place.  The quiet byeways are now all set aside for new homes, some will have the obligatory health centre, others are promised with a school.  These ribbon developments line the nearby trunk road which leads out onto one of the businest east coast routes in the country.  The amount of house building has taken some of us by surprise – you cannot help but wonder who is going to be buying all these new places.  They are necessarily smaller in ‘footprint’ size than say, my house, which being over fifteen years old, and classed as an executive style detatched, does suggest it had quite a confortably large footprint – but nothing unusual for its day.

Getting property advice is essential for the new buyer and for those with a house but who doesn’t really know how best to maintain or refurbish it.