Housing Must Haves Vary Across The Pond

There are many different kinds of house building employed throughout the world – I’ve been watching many of the property upgrade programmes imported from the States and it’s fascinating to see how the buyers there are adamant they must have this or that feature.  Things that over here in the UK would probably never have been thought of – that’s because our history of house building has evolved much more slowly over the centuries and we don’t generally build down into the basement or up in the roof space except for specially planned projects.  Watching some of the episodes lately, the families appear aghast if there is no fully equipped basement – with second kitchen and full bathroom etc.  They also seem to have an aversion to the master bedroom suite being up on the first floor where the childrens’ ones are – it must be down on the ground floor.  What we do have over here is a robust planning application scheme in each county which is esssential to prevent folk from simply building anything they fancy on any bit of land.