Hurrah For Clarity In UK Conveyancing Matters

We are lucky here in the UK.  We have a fair legal system and when you buy a property, you generally get helpful advice from the conveyancing solicitor before you put pen to paper.   The legalities of ownership are wide ranging and it is critical to know where your boundaries are; which are your fences to maintain and keep in good order;  how much of any shared access is yours to drive over and park on . . . . .   Getting a copy of the deeds is vital.  When  you buy with a mortgage, the lender will retain those deeds until the mortgage is entirely paid off, when they become yours.  This is not the case in other countries.  In Cyprus for example, you buy the property but you then pay a fortune for the deeds and buying out someone else’s share is massively complicated.  A major problem never highlighted on tv property shows!