If A Bunglaow Stays Unsold – Could Spell Problem Plot

There is a rather attractive but very dated and under-loved bungalow on the market not very far from me.  This in itself is unusual, as we all know bungalows are as rare as hens’ teeth usually.   No sign of it having been sold yet after several weeks.  In these days of quick land deals, be that brown site for redevelopment or new land for first venture, any bungalow is usually snapped up pronto.

It turns out that several developers are interested, there could be a bidding war soon.   This is where knowing how the local planning office works is a boon. They know what can be done where knocking down and rebuilding new is concerned.  They know local byelaws and if there is anything contentious about the plot.    Letting the experts take on a difficult plot is for the best – buying the new build from there is what the amateur can do!