Long Term Rental Home Needs Update For Sales Market

My family have the unenviable sitatuion of an aged relative in a high end care home.  She has been contentedly residing there with her dementia gradually getting worse by the week but completely bunking the diagnosis that she entered ‘end of life care’ eight years ago!

Her house is currently rented out to a family who have looked after it and also added one or two refinements that they felt enhanced their lifestyle.  We have not however done anything to the dormer chalet built in the very early 1980s.  If we were to need to sell it in a hurry – and that may become necessary as the relative is showing no signs of tiring . . .   we would need to do some work on the house to make it presentable for the sales market, update it etc.  In this case we will be engaging the services of a good contractor familiar with the housing in that area.