Maintenance Skills For Gingerbread Houses

I know of a couple who love living in their very unusual property – it’s a real treasure house of characterful features from the architraves, the cornices in each room.  The outside is just as beguiling, with fancy carved gables over each window casement.  It is in most respects the nearest thing to a Hansel & Gretle cottage that we’re likely to come across and it needs a vast amont of maintenance to keep it looking as gorgeous as it does.  This was no problem for the couple as they both grew up with vparents who never threw anything away and recycled every bit of tree left lying about in the garden.  However now that the parents have passed on and one of the couple is wheelchair dependent through ill health, things have taken another turn.  I introduced the to this fantastic property maintenance company who specialise in quirky, individual and characterful – surely a dream come true!