Newer Narrower Family Home – A Proper Tall Storey!

My neighbour’s both sides are now having kitchens and fresh new living spaces added on to their homes.  I must be said that these are already nice sizeable family  homes – built in the very early years of this century, and probably the last of the era of 5 bed family excutive plots.  After that the newer developments all seem to involve more narrow, taller homes.  I do know one lot of houses, by the same developer that built mine, where the sitting room is on the second floor, the bedrooms and family bathroom on the third – the utility room is built semi basement level behind a sunken garage.  It does make very effective use of a much smaller plot of land for each house.   Admittedly the rooms and the doorways are not quite as generous as mine – in fact we had to hoist the three piece suite up and over the juliet balcony into the sitting room as it would have meant removing the front door and all the bannisters to get it up the stairs otherwise!