Out Goes Ski Slope, In Comes Multi Purpose Development

Where I live there is an ongoing housing and commercial development of some magniude.  There had been some very old gravel pits on the outskirts of town.  In the 1950s the private owner had the foresight to develop his gravel pits to allow water skiin to take place and the national championships took place there a few times.  In the 1960s the owner, always showing tremendous entrepreneurial spirit, had a dry ski slope built.  It was an inspired idea and these facilities were very successful.  They only closed after one of the charities made a fuss about health and safety.  The water skiing left first, as there was now a new lakeside venue not far away.  Te dry ski run only disappeared this last couple of years as the new Lakes development came along.  Lots of really varied shops with some particularly good eateries and even better, a series of eateries, wildlife trust activities all amid stunning new designed buildings.