Planning Regulations Picky But Essential

As we all know, over here in little ole Blighty, it is not possible to build anything new in the way of property without going through all the due procesesses of planning and building regulations.    We have these in place to stop the indescriminate building of any old shape and size of building and to protect the countryside from an excess of housing in any one area.   It also ensures that what is built is done so to the very best it should be.  In so many developing countries, these safeguards are not and have never been in place so there are terrible eyesores, badly constructed monstrosities and no safety checks at all.  The corruption in many countries has had devestating results over the last decade with huge schools collapsing in China and other parts of Asia.  We may feel hard done by at times when the planning department seem picky, but we are safe from these vile abuses of monumental proportions.