Progress On Bungalow Refurb Slow To Middling

The building work on a nearby bungalow is taking a massive amount of time.   The most revent work started some fiveyears ago when the 1920s arts and crafts style was first sold after being in one family since construction.  The new owners pledged to rip out everything and start all over again, apparently.  This did seem a shame – anyone can buy a brand new development house with the somtimes bland and featureless spaces throughout.  The point about buying a character property must surely be to maintain and enhance those.   The new owner didn’t get planning permission for any such work and so fortunately the shell and most of the insides are much the same.    The beautiful brick columned art deco  style windows and front door porch are still there and are now being re-incorporated into the make over plans.    One entire side of the house is currently having massive works done – hopefully only replacing pipes & other necessary updates.