Rockafella Style Buldings Never Repeated Again

I was out in New York a few years ago.  A relative and I were travelling to and from Houston and found ourselves passing through New York.   We decided to take out one of the best known tourist attactions as we only had two days and wanted to see everything.  So we bought bus tickets allowing us to travel around Upper, Middle and Lower Manhattan and across to Ellis Island for the Statue of Liberty.  Whilst we were on the ground, having listened to the very informative guide on each section, we visited the Rockafella building and went up in the incredibly fast lift.  We got all kinds of information whilst up there – and the pictures that were taken of the construction were absolutely amazing.  Chaps without any safety gear whatsoever were messing about on an RSJ on a crane hundreds of feet above the ground.  They don’t built ’em like that any more.  Than the lord!