Time For Seniors To Step Aside – Let Professionals In

Keeping a property going, in reasonable if not quite ship shape condition, is one of life’s challenges for the older person.    For couples this is especially challenging as generally the husband took it upon himself to make sure he looked after the basics of the property.  Checking the plumbing of loos and basins for possible leaks;  looking up and ensuring the gutters were not obviously leaking;  Then there were gates to mend, putting new hinges on and a myriad of other small but sometimes sgnificant jobs.  When folk get older – perhaps having been out at work for half a lifetime, then retirement calls  – with the promised, or threat of more household maintenance jobs on the horizon.  That’s when sometimes it becomes a real problem because the owner and operator of the solid work bench and cordless drill are now not as nimble and certainly not as safe when climbing even a little step latter.  Engaging a property maintenance team saves so much worry in their latter years – time for Sir to stand down and let a professional chap see to the everyday maintenance and construction work.