Watching The Dream House Taking Shape

There is a satisfactory feeling of contentment when you move into a brand new house – after many years of seriously awful rented flats.   Then having to buy the cheapest mortgagable property we could get our hands on, it was such a relief when eventually we had moved up the mortgate ladder a little, and with help from an aunt, we moved into the house I still lovingly call home.   It seemed like an absolute dream when my partner suggested we could have the corner plot that he’d secretly been keeping his eye on.   It is an indescribable joy to stroll into a developer’s sales office and actually know that you plan to buy one of the plots and aren’t just wasting their time on a cold Sunday afternoon!  To watch your house gradually taking shape from those first footings – just the first two rows of bricks in front of the grey breeze blocks that stood up between the tall scaffolding.  It helps you focus and want to look after your house when you’ve seen it going up – a massive diffference at each weekly visit.   This was the same when my daughter bought her new house some 11 years later – we were deeply impressed by the amazing number of safety features and considerations that have to be built in every phase and as each new building bylaw comes on stream, these are incorporated at the first opportunity.