Buyers Need Property Financial Advice Before Looking

It’s been a most fascinating few weeks for me as an interested observer in the house moving escapades of a close young relative.  It all started off quite smoothly – their small starter home was viewed by an agent who announced he had ‘hundreds’ of first time buyers all screaming for their type of house.  This appeared to be true and 4 couples all jostled for position to get a viewing.  This resulted in 1 firm offer and 1 possible, all within 2 hours.  Things fell apart after that with various buyers starting but not proceeding through not having all the finance in place.  Legal fees seem to put them off although stamp duty wasn’t amongst them.  This is the very sort of thing that property buying advisors could help young folk with – getting the knowledge of how to work out up front what they can afford and what annoying additional fail safes the finance lender will then put before offering a loan.